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The Art of Dimming.

Dimming function for lighting are catching up with trend lately. Many home-owners like the idea of switching from reading-suitable bright to relaxing/cosy warm ambience at their fingertips. It is indeed a great idea to have dimmable lights to balance an everyday urban lifestyle. But, before you dive into all dimmable home, let us share some facts with you.

There is a difference between LED dimmable lights and other dimmable lights(incandescent & halogen).

We do have customers who raise the issue of flickering of light when they try to dim with their existing dimming wall switch with newly purchased dimmable lights. When light is fully turned on, it worked perfectly great, but when turn to dim, the flickering starts and a hint buzzing noise is also being noticed.

The reason behind this issue is due to incompatibility. LED dimming lights aren't compatible with any dimming wall switch(leading edge dimmer) other than LED certified dimming wall switch(trailing edge dimmer). The irregular flickering will occur when the wrong dimmer is used for the wrong lights. The main reason for this irregularity is because leading edge dimmer is not effective with low energy lamps such as LEDs. Hence, before you decide to change to dimmer, check your existing wall switch. Below is a video of the irregularity, in this example, we used a leading edge dimmer with a LED dimmable bulb. Nearing to the end of the video, the flickering advances, this is a strong indication that the lights are not compatible with the dimmer.

The capacity matters.

There are times where customers use trailing edge dimmer, but also face issues of non-smooth dimming. When they try to dim their lights, only some of the lights work, whereas the others don't. The reason behind this problem is its' capacity, Every trailing edge switch has it's limitation. Every dimmer in the market have a maximum wattage indicated. It is not advisable to use more than recommended wattage, as you will face issues like this. As there are too many models in the market, it is challenging of keep track of every design and their wattage capacity. If you already eyed on a specific dimmer, we encourage you to bring over your dimmer and we can test the maximum lights possible.

Current dimmable products

We do have dimmable bulbs to cater to every home needs. Currently, we have dimmable as an upgrade option for spotlights.

Our dimmable lights(LED) comes in 2 light colors, warm 3000K and cool white 4000K. Available in 10W.

Upcoming products

We will be bringing in more variations of dimmable lights by end of 2020. There will be 10W dimming LED module that produce better CRI and compact in size(meaning a normal false ceiling depth of 4 inches can use our 10W bulbs)

Another cool light to look forward to is our dim to warm LED module. When fully turned on, the color temperature of the bulb is 4000K. As you gradually dim the light, the bulb will shift from cool white(4000K) to warm(3000K). An ideal lighting set up for practicality. All these products will be using SAFETY MARK drivers.

These lights as an upgrade option for our spotlight collection. Stay tuned to our social platform as we will be releasing these new products as soon as we can!


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