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How to join us

 Light is the fourth dimension of architecture. The world around us is three-dimensional. We understand light as an independent, fourth dimension of architecture. Our lighting solutions lend  offices, restaurants and residential space an additional design dimension and give added value to the people who use them on a daily basis. This is our vision of making architecture and society better through light.

Welcoming new people to our teams, each with a diverse skillset and background, is the catalyst for innovation and transformation. Developing and retaining the best talent in the business is one of the key factors behind our success.

Coffee Shop Assistant

Sales lighting specialist

We have partnered with architects, interior designers, businesses and home owners over the years to help breathe life into thousands of raw spaces. If you are someone who enjoys meeting new professionals, is an energetic person who gets bored easily in a desk job, like challenges and wants to push yourself to explore different roles for growth. Apply to join us now!

Digital content strategist 

In Shiok Lighting, we strongly believe in evolving and adapting to current changes, but why not do it in a fun way? Marketing team are in-charge of 

developing visual and product identity, but also exploring new ways to connect to the potential customers. If you are someone who loves to create content, apply now!  

Web Designers
Online Warehouse Worker

Logistic associate

Warehouse team are the backbone of the business. The last mile touch point adds crucial value to our company. You are organized person who like to keep things in place and clean. You are an active person who is attention to details and finds fulfilling orders meaningful. 

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