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Why choose Shiok Lighting?

We believe practicality and aesthetics can co-exist. Our goal is to provide illumination to everyday lives with price tags within reach for everyone. We thrive to achieve better quality lights that helps to breathe life in residential and commercial spaces.


How long has Shiok Lighting been in the industry? 

We have been in this industry for a decade now. Started as an online store in 2013, we realised the importance of providing face-to-face assistance with our customers. By showcasing our curated products in physical gallery allows customers to experience the quality of our products and at the same time, be able to visualize how these lighting will look like in every home.


What is the difference between Shiok Lighting and other lighting vendors?

Our goal is to provide affordable lightings for everyone. Not only we aim to keep prices low, but we also want to provide home-owners with proper knowledge. By investing on a physical gallery in the central region with realistic experience rooms, we can showcase our lights in unclutter ways, unlike traditional lighting shops. Hence we call our place, a gallery.


Should I just place order online or visit your store first?

We always encourage everyone to pop by the store before purchasing. In our gallery, we have everything on display coupled with realistic experience rooms dedicated to show how lights work in your home visually. Our lighting specialists over here will be able to help you with your enquiries and recommends suitable lights.


When should we start buying lights?

We recommend customers to purchase lights at least 1 month before installation. Although we have ready stocks, but we do run out of stocks from time to time, so buying early helps to reduce the unforeseen waiting time.


Do you design your own lights?

Yes, we do! Some of the series are designed by us. We understand the specific needs and wants of our fellow Singaporeans and expats living here and we create products with that intention. We seek to design more products that can improve everyone daily lives.

Shop Policy


What is the warranty like for your products?

  1. We cover 2 year off-site for all our products except for complimentary bulbs, Aqara D1 switches, Aqara sensors and outdoor lamps. For more details, click here.


Does bulbs have warranty?

All light sources except complimentary bulbs are covered under 2 year off-site warranty.


Do you have a physical shop?

Yes, we are located at 1093 Lower Delta Road #07-20.


What are your store hours?

We are open from 11am to 7pm. Closed on Sun, Mon and PHs


Do I need to book an appointment?

We go by walk-in basis. Feel free to come by anytime between our operating hours. Do note that Saturdays are always packed and may need to wait up to 1hr.


I heard your shop is very full-on weekends, can I book an appointment so someone can be there, ready to help me?

Unfortunately, we don’t do appointments. To avoid unforeseen waiting time, we encourage you to come by during weekdays. Our team will be able to assist better if you require a dedicated assistance.


This is my first time buying lights, what should I bring over?

Congrats to your new endeavour, simply bring over your lighting plan and we will be able to help you from there.


Do you have ready stocks?

Yes, we understand the importance of providing our customers with ready stocks as this reduce unforeseen delay.  But there may be out of stock situations from time to time, so remember to buy your lights early!


What is your return/exchange policy?

Unfortunately, we do not have a return/refund policy once order is made, so be sure of what you want before you purchase. Exchange is available before collection/delivery but remaining balance will be convert to store credits valid for 3 months


What payment methods do you accept?

We accept credit cards only via our online platform. We accept Nets, Paynow and cash in-store.


What are your shipping options and fees?

We have 2 types of shipping options. Standard delivery( approx. 3 working days) at $20/trip and Next day delivery at $50(excluding Sundays, Mondays and PHs). The timeslot for delivery is standard, 1pm to 5pm. Alternatively, self collection is available too.  


Can I pick up my order on Saturdays?

Unfortunately, self pick-up is only available on weekdays 11am to 7pm. As weekends are usually super crowded, we will not be able to help with pick up orders.


How long does it take for my order to reach me?

Standard delivery will reach you in approx. 3 working days and Next day delivery will reach you the next day, excluding Sundays, Mondays and PHs.


If I need the light urgently, can you expedite the delivery?

Next day delivery is available at $50/trip(excluding Sundays, Mondays and PHs).


Can I do cash and carry?

Yeap, you can do cash and carry as we have ready stocks here. But do note cash and carry is only available on weekdays. As weekends are usually super crowded, we will not be able to help with cash and carry.


How do I reach out to Shiok Lighting?

Our official communication channel is via email. Simply email us at and we will get back within 1 working day. Communication via email prevent miscommunication and as we have multiple lighting specialists on email duty, we are able to respond efficiently and provide suitable advise for everyone.


Are the prices inclusive of GST?

Prices listed on the website is excluding GST. GST will be tabulated upon checkout.


Does the price state on the lights comes with installation?

Prices stated does not include installation.


Do you provide installation services?

Prices stated does not include installation. We don't have an in-house electrician, but we do have electrician contacts if you need help with installation.


Do you have on-site consultation services?

We don’t have on-site consultation services, simply drop by our gallery with your lighting plan and our lighting specialists will be able to recommend suitable lights from there.



What is the difference between lumens and watts?

Lumens are a measure of the amount of light emitted by a bulb, while watts are a measure of the amount of energy used by the bulb. In other words, lumens indicate the brightness of the light, while watts indicate the power consumption of the light.


What is color temperature?

Color temperature is a measure of the color appearance of the light emitted by a bulb, measured in degrees Kelvin (K). Lower color temperatures (around 2700K) appear warmer, while higher color temperatures (around 5000K) appear cooler.


Why is LED better than traditional bulbs?

There are a lot of perks using LEDs. This type of bulbs emits less electricity and produce brighter illumination and longer lifespan


What type of lights can dim and change light color?

We have what we called dim-to-warm module that changes color from 3000K to 1800K as it dims. Alternatively, you can go for smart bulbs. These options are available for most of our bulb-enabled light fixtures


Can I use smart dimmer with your lights?

It is possible to use smart dimmer with our dimmable lights. As there are a lot of different models out there with different specs, it will be best to bring the dimmer over for us to test it before you purchase our lights.


How do I choose the right type of light?

Light designs and brightness are subjective to different people; hence we highly advise you to come by our gallery to take a look at how our lights fills the space before deciding.


I want dimmable lights for my home, how can I do that?

Simply choose light options that has dimmable function. If it is a regular dimmable type of light, simply ask electrician to install a dimmer wall switch. If you opt for smart light, all you need is Wi-Fi and your phone to dim the lights.


Smart lights or regular lights, which is better for me?

Smart lights requires set up and requires a stable Wi-Fi to work. Smart lights are generally dimmer than regular lights. So it depends on your lifestyle.


How does smart light work?

Generally smart fixture can do a lot more other than just on/off. There is a lot of customization functions available to cater to different needs. Smart products need Wi-Fi to work and is usually control by a phone app.


Can I connect a smart dimmer and smart light?

We highly advise you not to do that unless it is from the same brand. As software from different brands may not work well together, it is best to simplify the connection to avoid any complication.


How do I know what brightness is suitable for my home?

Light designs and brightness are subjective, hence we highly advise you to come by our gallery to take a look at how our light fills the space before deciding.


Should I choose bulb-enabled or built-in LED chip light fixture?

Most people will go for bulb-enabled type of lights for low-maintenance reasons. Generally bulb enabled ones are dimmer compared to built-in LED chip ones, so it depends on your requirements and needs.


Looking to install lights outdoor, what should I look out for?

Look out for water rated lights for extra protection. IP65 – IP67 are ideal ratings for outdoor.


We are not sure if we need brighter lights in the future, how can we go about that?  

Simply option for bulb-enabled type of lights as you have the flexibility to change to a higher wattage bulb in the future. Or opt for tracklights as you can add in more fixture as and when you like it.


The bulbs that you sell, am I able to find them in other places too?

The E27 and GU10 bulbs are universal bulb types that you can find easier in bigger supermarkets. Modules are unique to Shiok Lighting, we specially designed these for the Singapore market.


What depth of false ceiling should I make to accommodate your recessed lightings?

This depends on the model of recessed fixtures you choose. Simply click on the product listing, there is the depth information on the bottom for your reference. We usually recommend customer to add approx. 2 cm to the depth for ventilation.

Unable to find your answers here? Contact us below!

Message received! We will get back to you within 1 - 2 business days. Do pop by our gallery if you need urgent assistance.

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