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10 Indie Interior Design Firms To Know Right Now

Nobody wants a “cut & paste” type of interior design. Who doesn’t want to be unique in their own ways?


Today, we will be sharing 10 of our favourite indie interior designer firms in Singapore. Some have been with us for a while now, and some are newly established. This list consists of a group of avant-garde designers challenging the norm, allowing them stands out in the crowd in terms of design, attitude, and individualism.

Creating a uniquely designed home can be challenging for most designers as they tend to take less risks when it comes to selection of interior styles. Especially in the current scene where margins are low and costs are high, they tend to stick to a safe standard format. However, nobody wants a “cut & paste” type of interior design. Who doesn’t want to be unique in their own ways? But taking risk may come with a price and being unique in terms of design would sometimes result in failure and may eventually cost more. Here comes the conflict of choosing between bigger, more established firms, or a leap of faith for smaller firms trying to breakout to join the big boys league.

To egg you on, we have shortlisted a few incredible indie designers that managed to achieve a perfect balance between individualism and classical styles. Their relentless passion in the pursue “form follow function” design for their clients have made their projects stand out effortlessly.

If you want your next home to look like it came out from the cover of the latest interior magazine, take some time and get to know these designers that could elevate your home to the next level. And make sure to consider all of them because this is not a ranking!

1. BUD

Photo credit: Bud Studio Co

A Modern Understatement is a great way to describe BUD. Loud is a complete opposite of BUD’s philosophy. The clever intricate attention to the smallest of detail, with a touch of minimalism sets them apart from the rest. Their style does not sway with contemporary trends, but rather, challenges the test of time.

2. Hansel Studio

Photo credit: Hansel Studio

We love how Hansel Studio’s design incorporate soft curves with light earthy tones. The spaces they have created are always inviting and cosy, providing the best kind of ambience for a home. They creatively incorporate similar elements in every project, challenging their own design at every new spaces.

3. Urban Delineation

Photo credit: Urban Delineation

Started by an architect, Urban Delineation’s versatility and attention to details allows the firm to create a whole range of designs for both residential and commercial spaces. Every project is inspired and named after a particular theme; their latest Gin House is one of our current muses.

4. The Design Abode

Photo credit: The Design Abode

The Design Abode’s effortless way of design lets their projects speak for themselves. Their ability to breathe life in spaces is simply amazing. Focusing on landed spaces, they have since transformed many homes with unique exterior facade and fresh interior living space.

5. Koze

Photo credit: Koze Studio

With very distinct art direction for each of their projects, Koze’s bold and modern design is what makes them special. Their passion to strive for new ideas in every space is a quality sought after by many. With their in-house carpentry team, they can create almost anything you envision.


Photo credit: ABCD

The wordplay of their company says it all; A Blue Cube Design (ABCD). ABCD’s well-thought play of exquisite materials injects posh vibes to all their projects. The careful use of rich colors and exquisite materials helps emulate a luxurious hotel experience. Every home created by ABCD is as if it came out from a modern luxe hotel’s catalogue!

7. Of the Box

Photo credit: Of The Box

Of The Box has characteristics like no other. Every of their projects are distinctive with their bold, contemporary style. The intense play with colors, patterns and materials brings out creative fun in every way.


Photo credit: INTR Design

Modern minimalism comes to our mind instantly when we think of INTR. We love how simplistic INTR’s design are but at the same time retaining each project’s uniqueness, and originality. It is this ability to stay fresh and up to date in every minimal home that sets INTR apart from the rest.


Photo credit: Joja Interior

Started out by 2 siblings, Joan and James, we see fresh ideas in every JOJA’s projects. Their vison to create design with elegance can be seen through each of their projects. We love the cohesiveness outcome in all their projects that only can be achieved with the designers’ attention to details.

10. HEI Architects

Photo credit: Hei Architects

With their architecture knowledge, Hei Architects is able to push the boundaries of interior design. The deep understanding of natural lighting, texture, and structural forms allow Hei Architects to create spaces that speaks to us in an intangible way. They cleverly transform homes to modern museums that is suitable for everyday living.


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