How To Spend Within Budget Of $500 For 1 Bedder & $1000 For 2 Bedder Condos?

It is important to set a budget for lighting cost as it keeps us in check and prevents us from overspending during the renovation process. But before we dictate an amount to follow prematurely, you should understand more about the various options available in the market.

There are a few factors which will affect the price point: Level of service, quality, and design.

  • In today's context, service level is a very subjective matter. Some of us are willing to pay more in return for a fuss-free experience and on the other hand, some of us prioritize more on the quality and specifications of the product. But there are those who would manage to find a fine balance between both service and quality aspects. To figure what suits you better, keep your options open and visit a couple of stores to understand more about their business philosophy, approach, and products they offer.

  • The quality and technology behind each lighting product plays a big part in determining the cost of it as previously mentioned. With sturdier exterior and higher quality internal components, pricing do tend to increase as well. It is not possible to determine the overall quality just by looking at a product's picture online. Hence. visiting the physical lighting store to ensure that your expectation is aligned before committing is always the best solution. The most important part of a good quality light fixture lays within the internal components. Internal components matters a lot more as it is the keystone of a light, helping dictate factors such as light output, effective lighting as well as lifespan. If you have your doubts or uncertainty, we recommend that you check out our previous article on LED components that make up a light:

  • The last important point before deciding on the budget is aesthetic. The more exclusive the design is, the higher the price. But of course, do take into account the 2 points highlighted above, and assess that the design is a practical one before diving into it.

In short, be sure of what you want and know the market value of the products you are keen on. Find the right balance between all these attributes before setting a realistic budget for yourself. Today, we hope to help everyone maximize their budget by sharing with you a budget breakdown for lightings between a 1 and 2 bedroom apartment. Setting a budget of $500 and $1000 respectively with products provided by Shiok Lighting.

A 1-bedroom condo is a compact sized apartment that can accommodate 1 - 2 pax for daily living. This type of property is commonly owned by singles, retired couples or people who are investing in the property market. A $500 lighting budget is for those who place lesser emphasis on aesthetics and are more focused on the functionality aspects of lightings.

The entire communal space consist of living, dining and kitchen. To better light up these areas efficiently, tracklight will be the ideal choice. They help provide more flexibility and wider coverage as you are able to "customize" and add in suitable amount of pieces to illuminate every corners. You can check out this article on the benefits of having tracklights:

We recommend 2 sets of tracklights for this space.

Total cost for Living Room: $182

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The kitchen is usually linked to the entire communal space and is a space where most of the practical work is being done. Due to the open concept layout, there tend to be a clash between effective lighting and ambient lighting. If effective lighting was applied in the kitchen, it will cause the living or dining area to be less appealing. In this case, you will need lights that are more focused but yet able to provide you with sufficient lighting at the same time. The Essential spotlight is a fine balance between the 2 aspects mentioned previously, providing that effect with a slightly wider beam angle, and forming wide spread light output that is suitable for the kitchen space.

Total cost for Kitchen: $60

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The bathroom is another location that is in need of practical lighting. However, unlike the kitchen, it is a location by itself where the lighting effect will not affect other locations in the house. For a fuss-free option, go for a downlight that has the beam angle of 120 degree, as this allows very wide spread light effect that can light up the entire bathroom with just 1 light fixture.

Total cost for Bathroom: $18.90

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