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5 reasons why you would want Tracklights for your home

Knowing what lights you want for your interior living space is extremely important when you get your first home. There are plenty of options to choose from. Do you intend to install pendant lamps above your dining table? Do you prefer wall lamps for your corridors, patio and walkways? Maybe a table lamp for the side of your bed? These options we have mentioned are categorized as accent lightings. Accent lightings are secondary lights that adds more like as design pieces than lighting up the space efficiently. To achieve a well-lit living space, general lighting like tracklights are necessary. Today, we will be sharing some cool features for tracklights that make it one of the most popular light fixtures for home-owners in Singapore.

Tracklights were created with the intention of having a focus in your living space. It is a must-have lighting type for museums and commercial spaces. The ability to create a precise lighting angle is crucial for museums and the flexibility to add unlimited tracklights is important for commercial spaces. Brightness play a huge part in a commercial space, a badly lit up shop is unwelcoming and a dim office affects the efficiency of employees.

Tracklights are installed on a railing system we call tracks, tracklights can be removed from the track easily, making them movable to fit your lighting needs. The tracks comes in multiple lengths( 1m, 1.5m & 2m), you can also extend the tracks using track extenders (straight & elbow connectors). You don’t even need to be constricted to mounting the tracks to the ceiling, they can also be mounted to walls too . This is commonly done to high ceiling homes, as mounting tracks on the high ceiling requires a lot of work and maintenance. After reading a brief introduction about tracks, do you think tracklights the option for your space? Do you want practicality in the long run? If the latter is your choice, we recommend tracklights for your home. Here are 5 cool features about tracklights!


Tracklights can come in different variations. Not all of our tracklights are black and white, we have unique designs in the gold hues and wooden textures too. There are designs for every kind of interior space, from minimal to modern themes.

Saves space

Tracklights do not take up a large amount of space because of their compact sizes. If you are living in a smaller space, you can take advantage of this compact sized feature and make your home look well-lit and less cluttered at the same time.

Powerful lighting

The brightness of your living space solely depends on how many pieces of tracklights you are planning to install on your track. For a living room or study room that requires a brighter lighting environment, simply add more tracklights. You can light up the entire room with bright lights or create a cosy light environment simply by adjusting the number of tracklights used.


Other lamps are fixed. Once it is installed they are unable to shift anymore(unless you get an electrician to assist). Not only is time wasted, ac hoc electricians are costly too. Tracklights however, takes away that issue as you can move/change the positions of the lamps anytime. The possibility of changing the positions of the tracklights could happen if you change the position of your furniture layout.

Single lighting point

Individual lights need their own lighting points. However, for tracklights, only one lighting point is needed for a track. This cost efficient type of light is clearly the ultimate choice for many home-owners who do not want to splurge too much on electrical works. And on a single track, an unlimited of tracklights can be attached to it.


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