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8 Hot Tips On How To Shop For Lights On A Tight Budget.

It is no secret that buying a house in Singapore is usually one of our biggest, and most expensive purchase. Hence, every one of us would be concerned with the total cost needed when it comes to renovation. Renovation is a complicated process and many things need to be considered. So it is important to set a budget for renovation cost as it keep us in check and prevents us from overspending. It will be great to approach interior design firms to get hold of average cost in the market as costs may fluctuate depending on material and labor supplies at that moment. In addition, different people have different priorities and needs when it comes to their home. So, it is essential to know what you want from the get go, and the price tag that comes with it. For example, for someone who is keen in cooking will desire a well-furnished kitchen and will be more willingly to invest in better kitchen equipment and for someone who enjoys dressing up, they will want their walk-in wardrobe to be well-lit to showcase their triumph bags or watch collection.

Today, we will be sharing tips on how to shop for lights within a tight budget. The first step is to set a realistic budget and follow through diligently. With a higher budget, you will be able to afford for more design options and higher quality products . With years of experience in the lighting industry, we would say the average cost of lights in Singapore is about $1k – $2k for an average sized apartment project. And of course, if your home is larger, the price will relatively be higher as well. Spending within a budget can be a challenge as many find it hard to strike a balance between beauty, quality, and pricing. We believe that a balance can be achieved with our range of products.

1. Plan ahead. Communication is key

Establishing a good communication channel with your Interior Designer(ID) will help in preventing any unpleasant experiences. With a close working relationship, you will be aware of the in-depth progress of your new home. In this way, you will know what and when to make an informed purchase, avoiding situations like overbuying or incorrect purchases. When you are able to plan ahead, you can make more time to focus on other nitty-gritty details.

2. Never do last minute shopping

Last minute shopping will lead to impulse buys, which will subsequently translate to mistakes that could be easily avoided. This happens due to bad planning or ill-informed decisions. We advise you to take some time to do ample online research for the latest designs, pricing and brands to get a better understanding. Once you have a rough idea, you will be better prepared, and be more cost effective with your purchases.

3. Ensure vendors have transparent pricing

No one likes to pay more than what they expect. It is unfortunate that some vendors do succumb to unjust price manipulation practices. You will just have to thread with caution and make sure vendors you have sourced, do list their prices openly to prevent dishonest price mark ups. Another trick is to compare unit pricing, instead of just looking at the final pricing.

4. Keep it simple

Trendy and edgy designs may be tempting for starters but may lose their allure once the trend is taken over by time. Lean towards classic, timeless designs which are able to endure the test of time. Remember that you have a tight budget to follow and timeless design is always the way to go.

5. Purchase on your own

Purchasing lights on your own helps provide a greater sense of satisfaction and belonging once the house is done. In addition, it helps provide a better understanding of the lighting fixture in terms of its features and quality. With this better understanding it will enable you to maintain your lights without the need to engage an electrician in the long run.

6. Considering practicality over pricing

Many people have chosen the wrong path when they are on a tight budget. Oftentimes, they tend to go for the cheapest available option without considering the practical aspect of it. Practical lighting will always trump over cheap lighting in the long run. With that said, it does not necessarily mean that practical lighting cannot be cheap. For example, track lights are ideal for people with a tight budget. With just a single track, you have the flexibility to decide on the number of lights you need without worrying about busting your pockets to create more lighting points. Furthermore, replacement for track lights are also pretty hassle-free due to it being readily available in most lighting stores.

7. Deserving products

Deserving products are products that are able to strike a balance between good quality and reasonable pricing. It is normal for one to judge everything based on price point. But be warned a cheap product may only satisfies your needs for a short term. For a better judgement, it is highly recommended to visit the physical store and check out the quality and features of the products offered by the vendor before committing.

8. Saving in advance with bulb enabled lighting

By getting lights with changeable bulbs is a long term investment. Integrated light fixtures unlike bulb enabled fixtures require us to replace the entire fixture when it fuses. With a bulb enabled fixture, you can easily replace the bulb when necessary without replacing the fixture. This type of light not only help you save time(easy to buy replacement bulbs), it also help you save money in the long run(changing of light fixture requires an electrician).

At the end of the day, the choice is ultimately yours and not everyone can be easily pleased or satisfied. But as long as you follow the tips provided above, and manage your expectations well, we believe that you will not be disappointed. Happy shopping!


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