3 Simple Tips On Creating A Perfect Dining Space

A dining space often neglected when comes to designing for a home. Many of us often focus our attention on the living room and bedrooms, forgetting that dining area is also a place where special moments are created. The dining space is an area where you have your daily meals, but it serves more purposes than that. It is a place where you connect with your love ones after a long day at work, catch up with your family and friends during holiday seasons or even use as a workspace(since WFH is the norm now). This multi-function area should be carefully designed to cater all types of uses. What is the best way to create the perfect dining space for you and your family? Let us share with you some tips today.

Choose The Right Type Of Dining Furnishings

The furnishing chosen by you pretty much determine the purpose of the dining space. Getting the right size of dining table is crucial. We understand that house sizes are getting smaller these days and picking a large table doesn’t seem like a logical choice to optimize the space. However, if table size is too small, you will not be able to make use of it for most important events (eg hosting parties and birthday celebrations). The chairs are as important too. If you pick something that looks good but uncomfortable to sit on, you wouldn't spend a minute longer in the dining area. No one enjoy sitting on uncomfortable furniture, right? And of course, aesthetic plays a big part to beautify the dining space. So, you should take some time and visit a couple furniture stores and try out the comfort levels before committing.

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Decorations That Speaks To You

Decorations adds a sense of originality in a space and there are infinite ways to decorate the space! Exciting, isn't it? Interior styling should reflect your unique style and personality. Add in decorations that makes you feel comfortable and resonates to. Perhaps an abstract art that you are intrigued about or a sentimental heirloom that celebrates your culture and history. These interesting objects can inject a stirring emotion in the dining space. By filling the space with things you adore, you will grow to love your dining space like no other. Take some time to know what you truly appreciate by exploring different types of art(eg, paintings, sculptures, pottery), treat it like an experiment and you will have fun doing it!

Photo credits: Pinterest

Check out our customized painting done by artist Darya. We love how she reinterpreted classic portraits with a twist of her own style, the blurring facial feature direct viewers to wonder about the countless possibility on how the subject’s real expression! A fine piece that adds character and conversations to our showroom, follow her art journey via Instagram here