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Tips On How To Choose The Right Furniture

Furniture is fundamental in any living space. Every furnishing serves a purpose and by choosing the right one, you can elevate the standard of your daily life significantly. A well-designed furnishing can enhance the aesthetics of a space, invokes inspirations and spark conversations. However, as these pieces are functional, its' intention is to be used daily and prolong period, so comfort level is equally important. By balancing vanity and practicality, finding the perfect furniture for your new home is easy.

Here are 5 important tips to look out for when you are out shopping for your furniture.

1. Ergonomics and comfort

Certain designs can look aesthetically pleasing but it may not be as comfortable. Large furniture items such as beds, sofas, and even dining sets are pieces where you would spend the most time on when you are at home. Thus, the ergonomic aspect of a furniture cannot be overlooked.

It is always important to visit some physical stores and try out different types of designs to assess how the pieces can affect you ergonomically and which piece brings you utmost comfort. Instead of sourcing for the deals online(we know it’s tempting), you should pick a few well-established furniture stores that have physical showrooms. Visit them, speak with the specialists on your concerns and allow your body decide for you.

2. Quality meets durability

Invest wisely on the foundational pieces of your home. A good quality piece not only provide comfort, it lasts longer too. As mentioned previously, you would be spending most of your time at home enjoying on your priced furniture. Hence, it is important that the quality can endure the test of time.

Make sure the legs of your bed platforms or sofa are made of a solid material (i.e. hardwood, solid steel) in order to support the weight. A good quality furniture has a higher price tag, but it is a long-term investment worth considering.

3. Dimensions and proportions.

This may sound like a no-brainer, but many new homeowners tend to forget about having the measurements on hand when visiting furniture stores.

Always be prepared with a measuring tape and floor plan when you go shopping. When at home, you can also mark the floor with masking tape to represent the dimensions of how the intended piece would look in relation to the rest of the space. Which in turn would create a better flow in your home and ensure that you don’t make the wrong purchase.

4. Design style and colour

Colours play an integral role in creating a lasting impression for your guests. The colours of your furniture must be able to complement your place which can aid in creating spatial awareness.

For instance, if you are going for a neutral colour palette like white, muted grey, or beige, you can consider bolder pop-out colours to highlight certain features to avoid a monotonous outlook.

Apart from this, you should also determine the style direction that you are going for, be it a modern, contemporary, wabi sabi or japandi style. This decision will shape most of your space’s layout & furniture.

5. Consolidation

Impulse purchases are not uncommon in our current context as online platforms flush out attractive promos from time to time. People tend to just dive in without checking the list of requirements and understanding if the furniture they buy truly ticks the boxes. Keep your options open and consolidate a list of desirable pieces. Weigh in on the pros and cons of each piece and take into consideration the value of it over time. This will help in making the right decision and avoid future disappointments.

For new homeowners out there, the experience of purchasing may be a fun one, but it can sometimes turn out to be more stressful than expected. A wrong purchase can lead to unwanted troubles. By keeping the 5 points above in mind, you will be able to find your perfect furniture with ease.

Images courtesy of Pinterest.


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