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The soft edges and clean silhouette define the cornerstone of minimalism. And the uncomplicated way of changing bulb makes it highly sought-after valuable piece.


​​​​​Material: Aluminum alloy
Size:​ W5.6cm x H5.6cm x L9 (Lamp Only)


Color: Jet black

Voltage: 220V


  • 350lm (4.5W Yeelight Smart bulb)
  • 380lm to 420lm (4.7W Philips Essential bulb)
  • 575lm (6.2W Philips Master dimmable bulb)

Adjustable Angle: 350º

Bulb Type: GU10

Complimentary 4.7W Philips bulb provided with every spotlight purchased


Photo Credits: Pinterest

Thom Tracklight (Pure Black)