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Our Essential Spotlight collection is specially designed to be low maintenance. Spotlights from Essential collection are using replaceable bulbs instead of integrated light sources. Affordable range of spotlights created for homeowners or business owners with tight budget.


​​Material: Aluminuim alloy
Size: W12.2cm x L12.2cm x H3cm


  • ≈8.5cm (with bulb)
  • ≈9.5cm (with 13W dimmable module)

Cut Off Size: W10cm 

Color: Black

Voltage: 220V


  • 380lm to 420lm (4.7W Philips Essential bulb)
  • 575lm (6.2W Philips Master dimmable bulb)
  • 1080lm (13W dimmable module)

Adjustable Angle: 360º

Bulb Type: GU10(except dimmable module)

Complimentary 4.7W Philips bulb provided with every spotlight purchased.


Disclaimer: Safety mark scheme is only applicable to 13W & 20W modules. All other bulb types does not require safety mark. 


Photo Credits: Pinterest

Essential Spotlight (Black, Square)