We're Featured In Reno King's YouTube Video! 264K views...and still counting!

If you have not already heard about the beautiful transformation of Joanna's home, here is the link of the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F5ZaEfmv_7Y

We are pleased and honored to be part of Joanna's first home renovation. The house's modern-minimalism style incorporates contemporary elements with fresh hues. This refined interior look not only re-define the interior standards, but also ensures enduring aesthetics for many years to come. Lighting plays a huge part in every home project. For this project, we aim to find the right balance between illumination of space for practicality, and the highlighting of interior elements for comfort. To further enhance the user experience, we have partnered with local smart home company Koble, to have our lights integrated into their smart home ecosystem. This marriage of practicality, comfort, and a hint of smartness will be elaborated further below.

Let's us bring you through the beautiful features in Joanna's home.

· Before entering the home, Koble’s lock system cleverly infuses every individual’s home setting preference by recognizing the fingerprint of everyone upon entering the home. This feature allows each family member to create a personalized home setting which includes lighting up selected areas and tuning to specific brightness before stepping into the house.


The Living Room

· Upon walking into the house, a sense of comforting warmth envelopes the space. This illusion of space further enhanced by the light-toned color palette, would in turn aid in the visual expansion of the entire communal space. Hence, creating a welcoming environment to guests.