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We're Featured In Reno King's YouTube Video! 264K views...and still counting!

If you have not already heard about the beautiful transformation of Joanna's home, here is the link of the video:

We are pleased and honored to be part of Joanna's first home renovation. The house's modern-minimalism style incorporates contemporary elements with fresh hues. This refined interior look not only re-define the interior standards, but also ensures enduring aesthetics for many years to come. Lighting plays a huge part in every home project. For this project, we aim to find the right balance between illumination of space for practicality, and the highlighting of interior elements for comfort. To further enhance the user experience, we have partnered with local smart home company Koble, to have our lights integrated into their smart home ecosystem. This marriage of practicality, comfort, and a hint of smartness will be elaborated further below.

Let's us bring you through the beautiful features in Joanna's home.

· Before entering the home, Koble’s lock system cleverly infuses every individual’s home setting preference by recognizing the fingerprint of everyone upon entering the home. This feature allows each family member to create a personalized home setting which includes lighting up selected areas and tuning to specific brightness before stepping into the house.

The Living Room

· Upon walking into the house, a sense of comforting warmth envelopes the space. This illusion of space further enhanced by the light-toned color palette, would in turn aid in the visual expansion of the entire communal space. Hence, creating a welcoming environment to guests.

· With the Koble’s smart system in place, Joanna is able to dim the spotlights effortlessly. A good tip to note is that the compatibility of lights and smart systems in the current market does not always work hand in hand in terms of dimming. It is of upmost importance that you do a check before purchasing your lights or confirm working with your smart home provider.

· The general lighting used for the living room is fitted with the sunset dimming function which can provide maximum brightness when necessary. As the brightness drop during dimming, the light color tone will gradually shift towards a warmer tone. This transition resembles a sunset lighting effect which in turn sets an innovative way for creating a cosy ambience.

· The dining area is complemented with a Lou pendant lamp in gold. The linear design coupled with clear glass light globes offers a contemporary look that does not clutter the overall space while providing sufficient illumination for daily living.

· Between the dining area and kitchen, designers have cleverly included a fine detail; adding a recessed cove lighting that runs across the entire wall and ceiling. This ingenious addition helped create a spatial distinction between the dining and kitchen. Like what Isabelle and Joanna said, the effect resembles a sci-fi movie, where we could ascend through a time hole, with this cool lighting effect.

· Altar set ups don’t always have to be traditional looking. To ensure that the altar coincides with the interior direction for the rest of the house, a sleek cove light was infused into the cabinetry. The LED strip emits a soft tone over the altar, gradually blending and easing it into its surroundings.

· As we move towards the main communal space, you will be greeted by Halo spotlights in black. The gradual curve on the light fixtures forms a soft glow when lighted up, creating an ideal set-up for unwinding after a hard day at work. We love the contrast between the black fixtures and the white ceiling, adding a certain depth to the ceiling and subtly complimenting this light-palated house theme.

Joanna's Room

· We are now at Joanna’s bedroom. To complement the minimal design, Uno wall lamp was used on both sides of Joanna’s bed. Uno’s intentional inward beam, allows light to bounce off the wall delicately, creating a gentle glow suitable for mood lighting.

· Recessed cove lighting on the ceiling provides a new take n minimalism. It not only elevates the overall aesthetics in the room, but it also emits adequate lighting for general uses. This way of illumination does not require a deep false ceiling, in turn maximizing the air space in the room.

· Dim to warm light function a.k.a Sunset Dimming is a must-have for bedrooms. The functional warm white lighting to cosy amber light tones help inject a warmth element to the room. If you are concerned that this is an LED integrated product, there is no need to worry. The practical spotlight casings are fitted with replaceable bulbs and modules to ensure the ease of change.

Joanna's Sister Room

· Joanna’s sister room includes a study and walk-in wardrobe combination segregated from the sleeping area when first entered. The clever use of space and lighting placement allows Joanna’s sister to fully utilize the walk-in wardrobe as a conducive work space with adequate lighting. At the same time, she is able to enjoy comforts of a bedroom without intrusive study lights.

· Recessed cove lighting on the ceiling and behind the bed offers a clean illumination, maintaining a seamless minimal look throughout the bedroom. This clean illumination is coupled with a play of direction to ensure that the glare of the light does not affect the owner when resting. Alternatively, if you are concerned with the light glare in areas such as this, you can always turn to dimmable LED strips which are now available.

The Bathrooms

· Similar to the main communal areas, the common bathroom utilises 3000K warm white spotlights. The Halo spotlights design with its gradient lighting effect, further enhance the outlook of the bathroom. This coupled with recessed cove lighting, help boost the brightness of the bathroom to make it both functional yet aesthetically welcoming.

· Moving on to the Master bath, the Ansel wall lamp stands out prominently as the main feature for the vanity. Mounted on the black marbled tiles, the piece ushered in a hint of the iconic glamourous era in the early 1920s. The gold elements elevated the spatial design, creating a distinct contrast between the black and white marbled tiles. We are very pleased to hear that Joanna and Isabelle really liked these feature wall lamps!

· Overall we are happy to hear that Joanna and her family is pleased with the outcome of the renovation! The journey of renovating your house may not always be a perfect experience. But over here at Shiok Lighting, we thrive to make your shopping experience a smooth, economical, and of course, beautiful one. If you like what you see in the video, feel free to drop by our gallery today and let us help you build your dream home together.

Lights used:

General lighting: Halo spotlight (round/black) in d2w modules - click here to check out more on specs and price

Cove lighting: 2835 LED strips in warm - click here to check out more on specs and price

Notable pieces

Joanna's bedroom: Uno wall lamp - click here to check out more on specs and price


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