Tips You Must Know Before Choosing Artwork For Your Home

In this month's issue, we are inviting the experts from COMO decor to share some important tips on choosing the right artwork for your home. COMO decor is a local company that specialized in decor customization. Their artworks are picked carefully and tastefully and their products are favorites for well-known actress, Nurul Aini and actress turned DJ, Jamie Yeo.

COMO decor understands the requirement for different homes in Singapore. From bungalows to studio apartments, these homes determine the ideal size of a decor. Hence, they focus on creating a perfect size decor for every nest. The best thing about arts from COMO decor is that you can customise the size to fit your space! There are also different frame colour options which you can choose from to fit your theme.

We asked COMO decor about their idea behind their brand: "Artwork helps anchor the mood of the space and it defines the personality of the home. It is amazing how an artwork could refresh and sets a new tone to your existing room."

This issue, COMO decor bring you through some tips and frequently asked questions on how to choose the right arts for the different rooms in your home.

For the bedroom:

Inca art:

Alba pendant lamp:

A gold tone abstract goes well with gold pendant lamps. It creates an effortless match to the overall style and Alba pendant lamp's frosted glass globe prevents uncomfortable glares ensuring you have just the perfect amount of light before your bedtime.

Karla wall art set:

Ariel wall lamp:

COMO decor say: "The best walls for art in the bedroom are directly over the bed or on the wall opposite the bed. Single large scale pieces and duo art sets are highly recommended. Gallery style arts are not recommended for this room as it might look cluttered - that's the last thing we want for the place where we rest! Opt for frame options that are of the existing colour of your room. If you have a dark wood bedside table, opt for a dark wood frame."

Having a simple wall lamp in your bedroom helps to create a cosy ambiance that helps you to unwind after a hard day at work. Ariel wall lamp is made from exquisite tinted glass inspired by ocean elements. Always craves for a holiday? Get decor and lights with holiday trip styles to get inspired everyday.

For the living room:

Aalrik wall art:

Duca pendant lamp:

Inject some warm tones to the cool hues to create a balance colour palette for your home. Duca pendant lamp consists of honey-combed lampshade that helps to create an anti-glare effect.

Soren wall art:

Beton pendant lamp:

Beton pendant lamp made from dark grey Terrazzo. The most-sought after pendant lamp of 2020, the quirky finish will leave your guests in awe.