Real questions by Real homeowners.

With years of experience in the lighting industry, we have heard of many concerns and requirements by our customers. Every person is unique and what we do here at Shiok Lighting is to find the best match to every need and assist customers in their renovation journey. Today, we share with you some very real questions asked by our customers and we explore on what solutions are viable for each condition.

Alicia, 24yo, 4 room BTO at Queenstown

“I would like my new home to be cosy. I love how hotels set their ambience. Getting comfortable and relaxing is something I want my home to be after a hard day at work. “

In that case, we will suggest you opt for spotlights around your home, hotels use spotlights to highlight paintings and ornaments. The light reflected from these objects creates a soft lighting that illuminates the space effortlessly. Go for anti-glare type of spotlights to create a comfortable lighting ambience.

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Damian, 29yo, 2-bedroom EC at Sengkang

“I have a pet dog at home, and I don’t always end work on time. I will need a lighting system that light up automatically in the evening for my pet whenever I can..”

Smart lighting is the way to go for you. By installing smart lights, you can control your home’s lighting through your phone wherever you are! It is a seamless and convenient solution that projects the future of home lighting. Coming home late? Simply turn on the lights via your phone app, making sure your pet is in a comfortable ambience while waiting for you to come home.

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