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Real questions by Real homeowners.

With years of experience in the lighting industry, we have heard of many concerns and requirements by our customers. Every person is unique and what we do here at Shiok Lighting is to find the best match to every need and assist customers in their renovation journey. Today, we share with you some very real questions asked by our customers and we explore on what solutions are viable for each condition.

Alicia, 24yo, 4 room BTO at Queenstown

“I would like my new home to be cosy. I love how hotels set their ambience. Getting comfortable and relaxing is something I want my home to be after a hard day at work. “

In that case, we will suggest you opt for spotlights around your home, hotels use spotlights to highlight paintings and ornaments. The light reflected from these objects creates a soft lighting that illuminates the space effortlessly. Go for anti-glare type of spotlights to create a comfortable lighting ambience.

Nova spotlight in double/white : Click here to learn more

Damian, 29yo, 2-bedroom EC at Sengkang

“I have a pet dog at home, and I don’t always end work on time. I will need a lighting system that light up automatically in the evening for my pet whenever I can..”

Smart lighting is the way to go for you. By installing smart lights, you can control your home’s lighting through your phone wherever you are! It is a seamless and convenient solution that projects the future of home lighting. Coming home late? Simply turn on the lights via your phone app, making sure your pet is in a comfortable ambience while waiting for you to come home.

Ian, 36yo, 1-bedroom condo at Outram

“I want my house to have smart lightings. Love the convenience of turning on lights on my phone app and the idea to change multiple colors according to my mood.”

Yes, smart lighting can fulfil the convenience attribute of your requirement. By having smart lighting, you can control the light remotely, with a tab or swipe on your phone, you can manipulate the lighting as you like. If you also want the multiple colors type of light settings, not only you need smart lighting, your smart lighting needs to be in RGB too. RGB type allows you to reproduce a broad array of colors according to your preference.

Ismail, 27yo, 2-bedroom EC at Sembawang

“I don’t want to spend too much money on renovation, as many essential things are provided by the developer.”

What you can do to reduce costs is to use tracklights around the entire house. By using tracklights, you minimalize the electrical work needed as each track only requires 1 lighting point. You can choose minimum quantity of tracklights at the beginning and add on more along the way if you wish for a brighter lighting environment. In this way, you do not overspend.

Farah, 32yo, 5-bedroom BTO at Bukit Batok

“I have 3 kids and they are still very young. I need the right lighting environment that is conducive for them to study.”

A well-lit space is vital for homes where there are children. It helps to make sure their eyesight is developing in the best condition while growing up. Go for downlight type of lights as the light beam is wider and it illuminates the entire space very evenly.

Germaine, 30yo, 3-bedroom condo at Tampines

“We have many gatherings with our loved ones, so we will want our house to be well-lit when there are guests but also have the option to change the ambience for us to unwind when necessary”

Choosing dimmable lights will be able to cater to both bright and cosy lighting environment needs. Simply maximize the lighting output when there are guests and dim it for a relaxing movie night. It is a versatile way to light up a home effortlessly.

Siva, 29, 4-bedroom BTO at Dover Road

“I collect a lot of souvenirs from places all around the world, so I’d like a way to light up the display cabinets that I put these souvenirs in. I would also like it to be easy to replace when its lifespan is over.”

Spotlights are the ideal lighting to use for you. Due to the smaller beam angle projected by these light fittings, it helps to highlight your prized objects. By choosing the right design, i.e adjustable feature, you can shine on selected areas efficiently. Simply opt for spotlights that are using GU10 bulbs, these type of light is easily found in hardware stores and supermarkets.

Shi Min, 34, 3-bedroom condo at East Coast

“I dislike lights that are glaring, it makes me uncomfortable. But at the same time, I want lights that can highlight my decorative things. ”

What can be done to accommodate your requirement is to use LED strips instead of spotlights. LED strips light effect are well distributed, but at the same time it can create a focus on your decorative objects if it is installed in a right way. By adding in the aluminum profile, you can further soften the light output, making sure soft lighting throughout the space.

What are your concerns, needs and wants for your new home? Simply pop by our gallery at 1093 Lower Delta Road #07-20(located at heart of Singapore, 10mins drive from CBD) and our lighting team will be able help you choose your desired lights for your new home.


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