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New Trends To Know Before Anyone Else For 2022

The past 2 years has been a roller coaster ride for every one of us, This year, all we are hoping to be able to have a fresh start. The 2022's trend is more about getting out of the comfort zone and explore different styles in a confident way. Today, let us share with you a few very promising trends that you may consider for your new home.

Biophilic Design

Also distinguished as a top trend in the 2022 Pinterest Predicts report, biophilic design aims to bring the outdoors into your home through natural materials, colors, and—of course—plants. Scientific research had shown that nature related elements calms the mind and creates a more conducive living environment, in long term. We think such calming environment is vital for a modern home set-up where work-at-home is common .Trendsetters are experimenting plant-covered wall and unique hanging installations. The nature-inspired style has always been lingering around in different cultures and times. These connections are imprinted in our brains and we are subconsciously comforted by these colors, textures, and patterns. Plant-filled homes will be the starting point for more cool ways to inject biophilic design in both residential and commercial spaces. We look forward to see how biophilic design trend will evolve and grow in 2022.


Meaning literally ‘deceive the eye’, trompe l’oeil is an artistic way to create art. By using quirky and unique techniques, it catches attention almost instantly, creating a talking point for guests. It is a great addition to a contemporary home.

Bonaldo’s New Perspective Mirror, below, plays with depth and perspective, giving the illusion of a room beyond the mirror and leaving space for the imagination of the person standing before it. The lines that decorate it are drawn freehand directly on the reflective surface and naively re-produce an additional environment than the reflected one.

Curve Lines

In furniture, patterns, and architecture, the angular, geometric shapes popular in years past are being replaced by softer, wavier lines. These soft lines reflects on the designs evolving over the decade. This curvy trend is traced back to our collective desire for comfort amid stressful times, as curves and rounded forms inherently feel softer and more calming than sharp angles and straight line. We believe curve lines grew popular during the Renaissance era, the great ancient artists created architectures and statues with these soft elements, paving ways to today's modern lines.

Warm Neutrals

Crisp whites, steely grays, and other cool neutrals are long-time favorites that deliver a clean, contemporary look, but preferences are starting to shift in a warmer direction. Staying indoors is more common then usual these days, so it is important to have a comforting ambience at home. To be able to have a home designed as both cozy and productive is a challenge, but with warm neutral tones, it can cleverly switch between ready-to-work Monday to a lazy Sunday with the right furnishing. The versatility make this trend our favorite one.

Look out for these cozy neutrals tones, as well as richer, earthy shades including taupe, beige, and mahogany—applied to walls, upholstery, and carpentries to foster an inviting atmosphere.

Next, expect to see more tactile materials—wood, plaster, bronze, and leather—and finishes with textures derived from nature.

Multifunctional Spaces

With the continuation of hybrid and remote work into 2022, flexible live/work spaces that accommodate that needs of various generations under the same roof are paramount.

Owners are now wanting homes to be ideal places to not only live, but also places where they can work, where children can learn, and where multiple generations can live together—and where there’s a possibility that the dwelling can be used as a rental property. Hence, to have spaces with many functions play a big part in situations like these. By using the home space efficiently, all family members can enjoy the same space in their own purpose and needs.

Statement Lamps

The lamp is taking the spotlight in our homes in 2022. Lamps aren’t just for lighting your home but they are a statement piece on their own. The lamp is now an artistic object, and you can expect to see lamps in unique and sculptural shapes.

Kostbar pendant lamp


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