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New Trends To Know Before Anyone Else For 2021.

This year has been a hectic journey filled with uncertainties. Many of us refrain from making big decisions that could put us in difficult positions due the pandemic. But for those who are planning for renovations or getting keys are looking for the most practical way to transform the living space. The aim to beautifying a home with having practicality in mind requires long-term planning. The standard of newly furbished homes has risen significantly after most people are forced to work at home during this pandemic. Having a comfortable home is vital for an easy and smooth work-at-home experience.

The interior scene has been improvising regardless this year. There are new trends and updated styles that we predicted will thrive in 2021. Our stylist studied the works done by renowned architects all around the globe and concluded these 4 major trends you need to know if you are about to renovate your home.

The Minimal Wild West.

The warm hue trend came in like a storm and it is here to stay for 2021. With a twist in style by adding in some masculine mid-west attributes, it distinctively distinguished the old minimalism to the new.

Minimal Wild West focus of neutral tones with a dazzle of exotic textures. Exotic textured items can be a sofa or rug. The replaceable furniture reduces commitments, making it easy to replace in the future if needed. The clean design with fine edges creates a timeless style that lasts for years. Warm and light color palette visually expands the overall space of the home, an ideal option for smaller sized apartments.

The Bold Hero.

Most home-owners prefer their home to look unique, a plain Jane design is common and lack of authenticity. There are many ways to do it, how about a dash of bold color in your home? A seemly random act of change but actually involves many try and errors to achieve the ingenious combination. The sudden change in color theme, re-focus the area boldly. The advantage of having a focus is you can go for simpler design outside of the main area, creating a balance in your design.

Be the talk of the town by being stylishly different.

Modern Renaissance.

The Victorian inspired interior home injects a luxurious element to the living space. By updating the classic Victorian style to modern renaissance, a tone-down version is part of the new style. Reducing unnecessary details and keeping the important elements represents the true Victorians. Simplified cornice and minimal borders adds in a modern touch to the style. Add an artistic artwork with soft colors to create a point of focus, like a gallery displaying fine art pieces. Go for subtle furniture designs to avoid clashing with the rest of the elements. A classic shaped table with neutral color and soft curved sofas with muted colors is the key to 2021's modern renaissance.

Full on 80s.

The 80s is a time of bold artists bravely showcasing their eclecticism. There are many bizarre prints to start with. This era is about expressing freedom and authenticity and they did it so well that it is coming back not only as a trend, but as a statement. The iconic furniture pieces designed by the biggest artists back in the 80s are still famously being used all around the world even until today. This style is being unapologetic and true to yourself.


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