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Lighting Home Tour: Sheena Phua's 2-bedder Condo


Today we will be sharing with you on content creator, Sheena Phua’s abode. Sheena is a content creator who has over 100K followers on IG, sharing her daily life with joy. She is also an entrepreneur who started Blush House Bridal. Blush House Bridal started in recent years and is specially created for young brides, being easy on the wallet.

Sheena approached us late last year and shared with us her vision about her first home. We chatted and exchanged ideas during her visit to our gallery. She shared with us on her love on the Wabi-sabi style and is keen to inject this style in her home. Sheena particularly showed interest in our Halo Trimless spotlight and wanted to display it proudly in her communal area. After careful discussion, we also had put up a selection of lights that could elevate other areas of her home.

Intro of the house

The space is about 800sqm, located in the heart of Katong. The total renovation cost about $60,000. Most of the space is done up with lime-washed textured false ceiling. The same finish was cleverly done up from the wall all the way to the ceiling to give an undisturbed flow on the design element. This subtle design plus extra detailing like curves around the space enhances the overall aesthetic.


The main challenge we had with this space is its high ceiling. The ceiling height is almost 4m and with a higher ceiling, lights needs to be carefully planned out for the right illumination. Interior designer, Serene who oversee this project suggested to do a false ceiling for the main areas. This way, the ceiling can be slightly lower.

Not only does a lower ceiling help to increase illumination, but it also provides more lighting options (i.e. recessed spotlights, cove lightings on the side). Although the ceiling height is slightly reduced, Serene cleverly constructs curves on the edge of the false ceiling, elongating the space visually. This attention to detail creates an understatement that elevates the space effortlessly.

The living room

The living room is enveloped with cream coloured lime-washed paint. This subtle finish on the wall creates a soft texture when light is switched on. By craving out a statement arch at the end of the living room, Serene segregated the kitchen and living area for Sheena without compromising the open-space concept layout.

If you are into Wabi-sabi style like Sheena, you will never go wrong with the Halo Trimless spotlight. The spotlight is infused into the ceiling complementing the soft curves around the space. Every careful stroke of the brush upon installation will create that unique, irregular texture which aligns with the Wabi-sabi philosophy, which is to appreciate all perfections and flaws.

The Master Bedroom

We love how the lime-wash finish and soft curves are used consistently throughout the whole home. In our opinion, there’s an indescribable comfort about the flow of this design approach.

For the master bedroom, Proxi Trimless spotlights are chosen with the intention to create a more defined light output. Adding in cove lighting on the edge of her false ceiling allows Sheena to choose the light ambience for different moods and functions.

Cove lighting illuminates the bedroom evenly, providing a diffused light output, this light effect is ideal for reading and daily functional uses (i.e cleaning), whereas the Proxi Trimless spotlight highlights the interest points around the area and creating a very cosy ambience that is perfect before bedtime.

The Walk-in wardrobe

Sheena converted the common bedroom into a walk-in wardrobe space, displaying her favourite bags behind the glass door. Serene suggested that Sheena go for tinted glass doors instead of transparent ones as this will reduce colourful visual from the clothing that are hanging from inside. By adding LED strips inside, the wardrobe creates prefect focus points on Sheena’s bags.

Demi double ceiling lamp’s adjustable feature allows Sheena to direct light into the closet for extra illumination.

Check out the full video tour as Sheena shares with us more insights and we hope this home tour gives you some inspiration for your own home too! It is our great pleasure to be part of Sheena's home journey and we look forward for more opportunities like this. If you are using our lights or planning to get our products for your new home and keen on being featured on our platform, do reach us out at hello@shioklighting,com.

In the meantime, stay tuned for more home tours!


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