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How to style a perfect living room space that you really enjoy?

You are greeted by the living room the moment you step into your home. Hence, living room is considered the most important part of the house. A perfect living room help to set the right ambience in a house. But how do you start? Let us share with you how to create your very own perfect living room!

Understand your current layout and shower yourself with inspirations.

Layout is something that is not possible to change, so you have to accept your current space layout and explore different possibilities to make this space your own. To get more inspirations, we highly encourage home owners to start by visiting Pinterest. Pinterest is an inspiration paradise where you can find any types of interior styles that suits your needs. It has the most updated trends and clever interior set-ups that will inspires you to do the same for your new home. Shortlist a few and pin them to your moodboard for Pinterest to show you more related styles.

Head to Pinterest and start exploring today. Link here:

Know your purpose in the living room

A home will not be your home if it does not represent you and your living philosophy. You need to understand yourself well and know what makes you feel comfortable in a home. Many tend to forget that a living room not only needs to look aesthetically appealing, it also need to be a place where you feel secured and free. You can understand more about your likes and dislikes by visiting different houses. Perhaps you dislike a dark theme home as it makes you feel unproductive all the time? Perhaps you appreciate a wabi sabi style as it aligns to your design principle? These views of preferences can be known when we start exploring more.

images from pinterest

Start with furnishing

Now that you know about your preferences and have some ideas about how to style your living space, we should start with the furnishing. Sofas, TV consoles, coffee tables are usually the first that comes to mind. You will be spoiled with choices when comes to choosing the right furnishings. Picking a sofa is a good start. Start filtering by picking a few designs that goes well with your interior style. It is best that you to visit a few physical furniture stores before you decide! Another advice is to always start small. If you are unsure whether adding a coffee table will cramp up the space, how about buying it at a later time when you are more certain about it? There is no harm taking your time to build your perfect living space.

Current favorite design right now

Etch and Bolts: Griffith Sofa

Link here:

images from etch and bolts

Castlery: Hanford Sofa

Link here:

images from castlery

Choose the right light

Light is a subjective matter. With years of experiences, brighter environment may not always be better. Over-lit spaces can cause uncomfortable glares and undermine the aesthetic element of a living space. If you are well-informed, you will be able to know what you want. For those who prefer to have a cosy ambience in the living area, but still like to have the option for a brighter environment, consider going for smart or dimmable light sources as these options will help you to swap as and when you need to.

Current favorite design right now

Tre tracklight

Link here:

Roma ceiling lamp

Link here:

images from pinterest

Add in art pieces

The final touch will be decors. Decors that were carefully picked out by you will makes your home truly distinctive. It transforms a house without character to a special home that illuminates your energy and beliefs. Decorations also helps to create interest points that are conversation starters with your guests. Consider updating your decors once a while to reinvent the style of the living home.

Current favorite design right now

Studio Yono: Ronan Bouroullec - Drawing 17

Link here:

images from studio yono

Artifactt: Rinka Plate, shabby chic songbirds

Link here:

images from Artifactt

If you are still unsure, start by creating your own moodboards with images from Pinterest. Include interior space images that inspires you and add in images of decors and furnishing into the moodboard to see what combinations fit your vision the most. Remember, this is your space and only you truly knows how to create the perfect living room space.


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