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How To Light A Minimalist Interior.

Minimalist interiors can find it challenging when it comes to lighting. The furniture and accessories have been carefully chosen to the perfect level of sparse, so do you top off the refined scheme with a stand-out chandelier over the living room? How about a network of spotlights, or just put it all inside the walls? We have some examples here for inspirations, find rooms lit with recessed LED light strips, tucked around ceiling seams and baseboards, plus sleek installations of the latest track lighting systems with repositionable spotlights to cover all bases.

Pools of light fall upon a modern sofa in the centre of the room, which is reached by the multi-directional spotlights of a black single track, and a number of LED mini ceiling fixtures.

The soft lighting gives the grey living room a cosy and welcoming appeal, with no harsh illumination from large pendants. The deep texture of the lounge area rug is exaggerated in the glow.

There’s no pendant light swinging low over the dining table of the minimalist apartment either. Recessed track lighting prevails. The focal point comes instead in the form of deep decorative bowls in a table centrepiece.

Lack of a dining room pendant light does not mean a lack of late night dinner ambience though. Warm LED strip lights burn down from a seam around the ceiling of the open plan room, building a cosy and intimate atmosphere.

Another LED strip strikes beneath wall cabinets in the kitchen, giving crisp definition to their slab fronted handle-free aesthetic.

Whilst the kitchen is bright and fit for purpose, there is no jarring task light.

The white light becomes part of the wall decor, contrasting pleasingly with grey elements in the room scheme.

Choosing track lighting is a fuss-free way to light up your minimalistic homes. Track units only require 1 lighting point and there is no limit on the quantity of tracklights on 1 track. Our tracklight ranges from $14.90/pc onwards. Link here:

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