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5 Simple Steps To Obtain A Wabi-Sabi Themed Home


Wabi-sabi : A Japanese aesthetic philosophy that embraces imperfection, impermanence, and the beauty of natural materials.


Wabi-sabi has become a trend in recent years as people are seeking a more authentic and mindful way of living. The fast-paced society we live in often values perfection, newness, but Wabi-sabi offers a refreshing contrast to that. We have been living in a sheltered environment driven by “new is better” for decades. As we are getting more mindful and conscious about life itself and of course, the environment, Wabi-sabi is the clear choice to embrace now.

Additionally, Wabi-sabi's aesthetic is versatile and can be incorporated into many different styles of interior design like modern, minimalistic spaces, as well as more traditional and rustic spaces. In our opinion, it is a simple style to start with, and you can slowly explore more variations from there. No stress, no frills!

Today, we are going to share with you 5 simple tips that can transform your home to a Wabi-sabi home instantly.

Side note: Haven't found a prefect wabi-sabi house as the inspiration yet?. Before reading on, why not take a look at this lovely Wabi-sabi themed 5 room HDB.


1. Embrace Natural Materials

Natural materials naturally age and weather overtime, going hand in hand with the concept of Wabi-sabi. Use materials such as wood, stone, and clay to emphasise the beauty of imperfection like visible cracks and rough-hewn surfaces.

By choosing natural over synthetic materials, not only the aesthetics align with Wabi-sabi, you also indirectly reduce harmful waste by opting for such materials.

2. Choose muted hues

Choose colours that are muted and understated, such as earthy tones (brown, rust, moss green etc) and shades of grey.

These hues are calming by nature, invoking a sense of naturalness and simplicity, thus allowing your mind to be at its best state whenever you are back from outside.

3. Celebrate Imperfection

Appreciate the beauty of natural imperfections and wear and tear. Use objects that are handmade, rustic, and unique.

Handmade items like pottery or textiles will add authenticity to your space and every piece is unique in its own way.

Let your natural materials like wood or stone display their unique patterns and irregularities. How about doing lime-wash on your own? Not only will you save some money by doing it on your own, but you will also appreciate your own masterpiece more than anyone else.

4. Focus on simplicity

Keep things simple and uncluttered. Use minimal decoration and only the necessary furniture and objects.

Choose simple, organic shapes and forms for furniture and decor to invoke a sense of natural beauty.

The purpose of Wabi-sabi is to be mindful of the surroundings, by decluttering the space, your mind will naturally be free and relaxed too.

5. Create a connection to nature

The Wabi-Sabi theme can create a sense of tranquility, simplicity and harmony by bringing nature inside with natural materials and greenery.

Incorporate natural light as much as possible. Studies have shown how important sunlight and greenery are in humans’ mental health.

Or simply create an indoor garden like we have!

Overall, the trend towards Wabi-sabi reflects a desire for a more authentic, mindful, and sustainable way of living in a world that is often overly polished and artificial.



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