5 Game Changing Space Saving Ideas For Small Spaces

Living comfortably in a small space requires a bit of creative thinking, the scarce land in Singapore makes small living spaces a norm. Thinking out of the box is crucial when comes to making use of every inch of our home and beautifying it as the same time. The challenge is there and today, we share 5 game changing ideas for small spaces.

Having a luxurious of space isn't for everyone, but that does not mean we cannot live comfortable in small spaces. With the right ideas, we can make small spaces better than expected. These designs have space saving ideas that are guaranteed to inspire.

Hidden cabinets

Cleverly creating storage spaces around the house make you have ample of space to store away daily necessities. By keeping away as much things as possible, your home will always look clean and spacious. A trick to create effortless storage space is to install them along the whole wall, the hidden cabinet creates a seamless line along the wall, you won't notice it is there until you open it. The design can include a bespoke sofa with copious amounts of concealed storage space around it.

The design(bottom image) ingeniously add a sitting area in between the hidden cabinets, it also conceals a surprise storage space below the sitting area. This smart design make sure you utilize all the space possible. You can use this idea for a dining space or along the foyer for shoe changing purpose.

Tip: Consider using part of the hidden cabinets as shelving for objects of interest provide quirky decor is also possible.

Glass material

Glass is the go-to material for smaller spaces. Reason is because glass are commonly in transparent or lightly tinted form, this kind of material when cleverly used in small spaces can reduce clutteredness. Comparing glass to opaque materials like wood or marble furnishings, the weightier options could potentially eat up unnecessary visual space. Glass seems like the ultimate solution. With glass furniture, you can fully enjoy a proper dining space or a comfortable workspace without compromising the look of space. Tip: Try going for unique glass design to create a point of interest.