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5 Cool Lifestyle Brands You Must Know That Will Elevate Your Home Instantly In 2023

We know it is hard to find unique and pretty furniture in Singapore. The right pieces can add a whole new level of sophistication in your home. But finding these ‘it’ pieces can be challenging as there are very limited choices available in Singapore. The bigger lifestyle brands in Singapore are very popular among everyone which means you will get to see the exact same piece of furniture you have your eyes on in your friend’s new home. For some of you, you may not like it. Don’t worry, we get it. If you are one of them, continue reading as today, we will introduce 5 super cool brands that you can venture on if you like to have one-of-a-kind pieces for your new place.

Aratamete Home

As sustainability has been one of the important features for people to look out for in 2023, we are so happy to find a brand that takes the responsibility and priorities the greater good. They are conscious of the aftermath of waste and minimize waste by reducing the use of synthetic materials. Their curated collection elevates every space with luxurious materiality and well-thought out designs for urban lifestyles.

Check out Spruce, a 100% Recycled PET from Recycled Water Bottles material. Recycled material doesn’t have to be boring or restrictive at all! We love how this recycled fabric elevates the living space, the translucent nature of material creates ultra soft natural lighting. Spruce comes in many colorways.

Living DNA

This local brand not only have a whole range of rug designs, but their rugs are also all handmade. It is difficult to find handmade stuff these days and this is what made Living DNA stands out! Every handmade product is unique in its own ways and this uniqueness is lacking in the modern fast-fashion society. If you are looking for distinctive pieces, you will be spoiled with choices here at Living DNA.

Flux N°4 carpet catches our attention almost instantly, and we don’t have to explain too much why. The intricate details between every layer forms a very calming effect that echoes the flow of nature. The clever mix with different types of color forms 3-dimensional effect that is far from conventional designs.


Artifactt celebrate crafts from all around the world. They offers a thoughtfully curated collection of fine tableware and homeware that is rare and exclusive in the local market. Forget your typical department store type of tableware, time to up your game and wow your guests. A good set of tableware adds interesting stories on the dining table.

This plate designed by Ann Demeulemeester is carefully hand-painted multiple times to achieve fine details that resembles a daring play between light and shadow.



This local brand is on our radar for the longest time. SOJAO is a responsible homeware brand that takes sustainability into their own hands. Their organic cotton is grown from non-GMO seeds in India by a cooperative of smallholder farmer families, without the use of harmful pesticides or insecticides. Not only the bedsheets and towels they produced are from reputable sources and the brand make sure the sheets always stays comfortable to every skin type. Have you been to their store before? It is gorgeous! The store is always basked in natural sunlight; the space simply looks welcoming.

We absolutely love Classic Autumn Bundle Set. The rich and warm orange hue is simply welcoming. Beware, the lightweight and soft sheets will make waking up difficult.


We are absolutely blown away by the amount of curated designs they carry. CB2 is a sister brand of Crate and Barrel. But don’t think it is the same as Crate and Barrel as they focus more on limited designer pieces over at CB2, they bring in a next level of creative edge and high design aesthetics to customers who seeks for well-designed, well-intended furniture. Concern that you might see the same furniture at someone else's place? Worry not, if you choose CB2's curated collection.

Although IXTAPA is an outdoor piece that can withstand harsh weathers, the uncomplicated deign can be use indoor as part of a functional and aesthetic feature.


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