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4 Benefits of using Shiok Lighting's spotlights.

Spotlights are gaining popularity steadily throughout the years in Singapore. Spotlights create ambiance to living space and help to create focus to main elements, like a gorgeous marble wall that you splurge on or a beloved painting that meant special to you. A home without focus can be confusing to the eyes.

However, there are cons on using spotlights too. Most spotlights are using LED drivers to generate light. But once the driver is fused, it is a hassle to find a compatible driver as not all places sell the right driver. There are different wattages and fittings available in the market and your spotlight will not work if you pick the wrong specs. Another issue with spotlights is the uncomfortable glares. Spotlights are created to have a focus and strong beam, resulting harsh light shining through. Many home-owners sway away from spotlights to avoid the glares spotlights are infamously known for.

Starting to have second thoughts on spotlights? Fret not, here are some benefits of choosing spotlights from Shiok Lighting.

1. Our spotlights does not need any drivers.

Most of our spotlights are using light bulbs and does not need drivers to operate. It simplify the spotlight's operation and maintenance. You can easily find replacements in major supermarkets and hardware stores. Light bulbs are easily found and low cost. Other than low maintenance, using light bulbs meant that you can swap to any wattage or light color in the future. There is no limitation!

2. LED is the new black.

Everyone is looking for LEDs lights these days, tungsten and fluorescent lights are obsoleting due to their impracticality. LED is the way to go as it is long-lasting and consume significantly lesser energy. In a global warming world now, every energy consuming product matters. LED bulb consume 1/10 energy of a tungsten bulb and produce the same brightness. All our lights are using LEDs.

3. Good design matters.

Every home-owner wants their home to look insta-worthy. Hence, every piece of home element is important, including lights. Having sleek lighting complements the overall interior design. Different design set different tones too. Here at Shiok Lighting, from halo effect spotlights to anti glare spotlights, we have multiple designs for you to choose from.

4. New tech : Anti-glare

As mentioned earlier, the uncomfortable glares kept some home-owners from using spotlights. We now have spotlights that is anti-glare, our new design will ease your concern. We have our Soleil Spotlight that curves gently towards the light source creating a halo effect. The glare was cleverly replace by glow. We also have Panda Spotlight that have a certain depth between the light source and the frame, creating a blind spot between the light source and you. Now you can have spotlights to set the mood of your dream home without worrying about the glare!

5. Compatible with Philips Hue smart bulbs.

We know the craze about Philips Hue, having the luxury to adjust your home lighting at your finger tips is indeed a tempting option. Smart bulbs are able to switch on your lights for your pets when you are working late or change to a smoothing hue to unwind after a stressful day at work. Our spotlights can support your smart bulbs!


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