10 Stylish Instagram Accounts You Must Follow For Interiors Inspiration.

Instagram has been an alternative platform for home-owners to use for interior inspiration these days. The daily "scroll down" action on the app made following interior design related accounts easy. Posts from well-decorated homes from all around the globe expand your expectation fro your new home. Anything is possible. Having these images, you will be able to communicate with your designer on the possibility to create something similar or even better. The meticulously chosen materials and color palette by well-known architects and designers give many home-owners and designers the nudge to try something bold and unique. If you’ve been looking at the same four walls for months, it’s time to slip inside the eye of someone else’s design mind and get inspired. Feast your eyes on our roundup of the best Instagram accounts to help you do your homework.

Here are 10 IG accounts of our personal favorites.


Design Stuff focus on Scandinavian designs. Their feed are full of designs that are practical and easily achieved. Nothing that will take you by surprise(unpleasantly), a great account for home-owners who prefer a modern style and put practicality as their priority. They frequently introduce followers incredible Scandinavian brands, paving way to new artists with fresh creativity.


Feast your eyes and mind with the lavish lifestyle themes in this account. This feed is all about what everyone yearns for. Houses featured here are design by well-known international architects and designers. The authenticity runs deep as every space has their own style. The extravagant exterior and fine interior homes being featured here seems to tell us that anything is possible. The whopping of 385K of followers will agree with us.


One of the most exciting Instagram accounts from the creative community. Est_Living take its inspiration from worldwide. The tasteful images posted by Est_Living helped many get a good idea of what they are looking for. The interior styles has a wide range, suitable for different taste. The carefully picked interior styles are practical choices that can be use for your very own home.