Founded by a pair of interior enthusiast from the lion city,                                aims to create an one-stop lighting boutique by consolidating intriguing pieces of lightings. Its curated collection is the brain child of the globetrotting stewardess co-founder, drawing inspirations from the world and bringing them closer to home for the likeminded.

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Step up your game with the mesmerizing filaments of the Edison bulb. Time to rethink your bulb choice by throwing away those boring bulbs! 


  • T45 h11cm x w4.5cm

  • T185 h18.5cm x w3.2cm

  • G80 h12cm x w8cm

  • A19 h11cm x w6cm

  • ST64 h14.5cm x w6.4cm



Voltage: 220V

Lumens: 300lm

Bulb Technology: E27

Light Color: Warm 2300K

Tungsten Edison Bulb (G80)


Protecting your lamps may seems like a trivial matter. But maintaining it's cleanliness and preventing misuse of the light prolong it's lifespan. 

  • Always switch off your lights before you start cleaning

  • Use a feather duster to regularly dust lamps.

  • Wipe glass, ceramic, marble, or plastic lamps with a damp soft cloth.

  • Dry thoroughly before turning on power.

  • Do not use any harsh abrasives, polishes or chemicals.

  • To help preserve outdoor fixtures, a high quality car wax may be applied to the metal twice a year.