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An ill-fitted sized spotlight will ruin the interior intentions. Iris’s smaller than usual size is specially designed for smaller areas; like walkways or foyer. The depth between the light source and frame is deep, forming an enhanced anti-glare effect.


Material: Aluminum Alloy

Size: W8.3cm x H2.8cm


  • ≈9.5cm (with smart bulb)

  • ≈10.5cm (with 12W smart module)

Cut Off Size:  Ø7cm


Color: White, Black

Voltage: 220V


  • 350lm (4.5W Yeelight Smart bulb)
  • 600lm - 860lm (12W NEAR Smart module)

Adjustable Angle: 60º

Bulb Type: GU10(except smart module)


To control light color and dimming for Near smart module, Near Zigbee Hub Air is needed and sold separately:  

Click here to purchase Near Zigbee Hub Air


Photo Credits: Pinterest

SMART Iris Spotlight (Round)