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Hi there! Thanks for visiting our site. I am the co-founder of Shiok Lighting.

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

Hello! Our co-founder was a globetrotting flight attendant who is always in love with interior design. We founded Shiok Lighting in 2013 (formerly known as Victor Alpha). We started out as an online business focusing on home decor. Veira would travel around the world looking for the most intriguing home decor pieces and bring them closer to home. We began offering table and floor lamps as part of the home decor's collection to our clients and the popularity of lightings grew ever since. I enjoyed learning about the technicality while Veira focused on the aesthetics of our products.

We renamed our brand to Shiok Lighting in 2017. Due to over-whelming enquiries and requests, we decided to move from online base to a physical store. It is an exciting yet terrifying experience but looking back now, I am glad we took the huge step of getting a proper showroom as clients experience the actual lighting pieces physically. It's also easier for us to provide advise when home-owners visit and highlight their concerns too.

Our philosophy is that a home can only be as nice as its accessories, and great lightings can come in an affordable price tag. We have been working along this belief ever since.

Thank you for reading this article and it means a lot to us! We will be posting regular articles

regarding about renovations and simple life hacks in general. Hoping our posts can help new home-owners lead pleasant renovation experiences. It is our way of saying thank you for visiting the site!

- Vera

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Light is critical in telling a story - it invoke emotions when you step into a space, it affects your living habits, it playfully highlight while dulling certain areas, but most importantly it reveals the personality of the occupants.

Aesthetics, while important, should only be part of the decision equation. Practicality, which is arguably just as important is often neglected. Our continuous pursue of balance between aesthetic and practicality have been guiding our principles to curate a lean collection of lighting for the like-minded circa 2011.

We have partnered with architects, interior designers, businesses and home owners over the years to help breathe life into thousands of raw spaces. In essence - we are invested just like you.


Drop by our gallery and speak to us today.

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