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5 Interior Trends You Need To Know In 2023

A new start of the year will mean that we will be re-looking at the trends of the past year and decide what style is here to stay and what new trends we should look out for in 2023. We evaluate the 2023 trends with Singaporeans and local expats in mind, ensuring recommendations are realistic and suitable for Singapore’s home setting.

This year interior trends, in our opinions is an extension to 2022 trends. Which can be a good thing, as it shows the styles, we love are consistent and perhaps, we could call it the modern classic. Today, we have consulted interior designers here in Singapore and find out what 2023 trends you need to know before you start your renovation!


Since the Renaissance, alcoves were great for highlighting artwork and sculptures. In medieval architecture it was commonly used as a sleeping space! The deep history of alcoves is coming back as a big trend in 2023. Thanks to the arches doorway and soft curves furniture of 2022, alcoves seem to be the part two of the curves craze. Designers are re-visiting this important architectural feature that shaped us since the Renaissance era and carefully re-interpreting the alcoves in different ways. The current take to alcove is about clever transformation into functional uses for modern times. Create an alcove space paired with comfy settee with an afternoon reading session in mind, a niche topped with a wooden slab tugged away for work stuff or simply a space solely for injecting inspiration with seasonal decorations. Having features like these in your home adds sculptural enhancements that could elevates a living space in many ways.

Beauty of imperfection continues – wabi sabi

We are still cannot get enough of the Wabi-Sabi style and it is here to stay in 2023. There is so many possibilities that is yet being explored in this style. The beauty of imperfection allows us to appreciate all the flaws in a different light. Soft edges and limewashed wall have become the cornerstone of Wabi Sabi in Singapore. This year, we will be seeing more bold versions that includes irregular décor/furniture and profound textures. Irregular objects flaunt distinctive character and complex textures forms visual contrast that does not override the neutral palette of this style.

In this day, sustainability is vital and for the first time, an interior trend, Wabi -Sabi has put Mother Earth as the main priority. We really like where the intention of this style and look forward to seeing more of it.

Coloured concrete

For those who are drawn to the brutalism interior trend that focus on simple architectural structure and primarily uses raw material like; concretes and metal, coloured concrete is something that you should venture on. Coloured concrete creates a whole different look compared to its classic concrete counterpart, it adds character to the space and eliminate the visual coldness of a grey concrete. Since the brutalism style is about forgoing unnecessary design elements, you can spice up the space by introducing colours. This type of concrete offers a unique array of hue that is hard to replicate with laminates or tiles. We really love the earthy colours produced in colour concrete, adding a hint of nature even to concrete.

Brown hue

Brown hue is here to stay. Brown is a perfect colour for providing comfort and being comfortable in your home is the utmost important! Neutral colour tones have always been the go-to palette for most of us. It keeps us relax and it is a classic style that does not make you wanna redo your home after a few years in. Remember the nautical trend few years back? Well, that didn’t last.

Earthy tones have never left us, brown has always been there in every home since the beginning. But this year, it is a big splash of brown everywhere. This trend seems to pay tribute the importance of nature. This style is easy to achieve, simply pick the right warm wood finishes for cabinetry laminates. Brown palette tiles, like terra cotta can be used for areas like bathrooms and outdoor to enhance the natural elements.


It is always intriguing knowing that a single simple design can look so magnificent when it is repeated to pattern form. Every minor adjustment to the design can make a ripple effect to the pattern visually. Motifs have boundless designs possibilities; the creativity is over-flowing! Pattern walls can be functional too, you can use it as a partition for privacy but at the same time, ensure air and sunlight flow through seamlessly.

We hope that you have found your ideal interior style today with the 5 trends we have shared! Already moved into your new home? Don't worry, in the next post, we will be sharing on how to transform your current home to a stylish nest by adding in new modern furnishings. Stay tuned!

Photos of courtesy of Pinterest


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