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Nowadays, it is common for home owners not to engage with interior designers. There are multiple reasons behind this, many knew what exactly they want and prefer to engage with contractors directly. While others simply just want to move in right away without any major renovation. 

Problem    Solver

Home owners may not have sufficient knowledge when comes to choosing the right lamps. 

There are technical specifications or complicated names that may confuse many of us. 

"The more the merrier", this phrase should not apply to lightings, therefore it may not be necessary to purchase the most expensive or the latest high tech lamps for your living space. 

However, choosing the most basis or cheapest option may not be the best choice either, you could be wasting more money in the long run. Eg. absence of warranty, using outdated light technology resulting in energy wastage. Lighting design are crucial as it determines the finished look of the entire interior space. A wrong design or wrong light tone may ruin your ideal interior style. 

Home owners may need assistance when comes to lighting purchase.

Here is where our help is needed! 

With our humble years of experience, we have come across umpteen number of people who made mistakes when comes to choosing lights. 

Therefore, we introduce this service in hope to lessen your renovation headache.   

We advice home owners on suitable lighting options. From outdoor lighting to your work room. We offer suggestions to achieve your perfect home and also give practical solutions to suit your budget. 

This prevent home owners from purchasing wrong products, creating an efficient way of shopping.

Simply show us any inspiration photos or let us know your concern. 

We are here to assist with no additional charge. 

This is just something we like to offer for our customers to have a wholesome renovation experience. 

singapore online lighting store

singapore online lighting store